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Michigan's 'Super Drunk' Law:

Michigan has one of the strictest drunk driving laws in America, and it recently got even tougher.

Now individuals who have no prior drunk driving convictions and who are found to have a high blood alcohol content (BAC) are subject to enhanced penalties.

Anyone whose BAC is .17 or higher can be and normally will be charged under the "super drunk" amendment to Michigan's drunk driving statute.

If convicted of Operating While Intoxicated (BAC of .08 to .16) your possible penalties are:

If convicted of high BAC ( a BAC of .17 and higher) rather than Operating While Intoxicated, your possible penalties increase as follows:

Anyone charged with any form of drinking and driving offense or operating while under the influence of drugs should seek experienced legal counsel. There are many possible legal defenses to such a charge not to mention that you may be guilty of a lesser offense or no offense at all.

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